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After a shot of liquor it’s straight on to a cock sucking session in this bar. The short but powerfully built gay stud (what a perfectly aligned and proportioned set of muscles on that frame!) gets his firm, rigidly straight cock complete with pulsating veins and bouncy balls sucked so much to his satisfaction he unleashes a powerful, direct cum blast to his sucker’s face. There’s always something going on amongst the masculine gay studs of the ‘back room’.

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Another fabulously hot gay fisting scene from Triple Play. As usual, all 5 gay fisting enthusiasts are going at it in one way or another – at the same time! Whether its Chris Cohand’s ass fucking Will West’s raw cock or Mac having his ass ravaged by the fists of Musclecub, all the gay fisting action causes sensory overload. Plus, in this scene Will West has his ass stuffed by RJ’s cock- its not often you get to see this handsome, burly bear get bareback fucked!

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Are you a fan of the good ol’ days of continuous incestuous fisting orgies and never-ending HDK dungeon parties, well get ready to grease up your pig-hole, as you pop in this DVD and ride the biggest toys and talented biceps on the planet, ‘coz these FIST FORTUNATE men punch fist and double fist, again and again ’til your squealing for joy. These guys do hand and a dick, and go not only double fist wide, but they’ll reach for the elbow and rub the popping bicep against fist-filled ass cheeks. Trust us this one’s gonna hurt! THE FIST FORTUNATE features 28 hot and hard guys, including many HDK favorites, and some never before viewed moments of “lost arse-ives”, in one full length feature film, of endless hungry pig-holes being fist-fucked to the max in the infamous “HDK Dungeon!” STARRING: Steve Dragon, Will West, B.D. Wyder, Mitch Banning, Eagerboy, Billy Twee, Ray Butler, Earl Shaft, Geoff Stallings, Dutchpig, Ken Michaels, Walter Faust, Lance Hancock, Jack Hammer, Hans Kent, Tim Rains, Steve Hurley, Larry Wolf, Kevin Scott, Earl Howard, Fist Rick, Travis Turner, Derek Michaels, Noah Mann, Dean Williams, Chad Adams, Steve Parker, Steve Wiley.

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We’re in the toilet of the Skull & Boner Bar. Diesal is the tall, handsome, gay hunk with the long, muscular, tattooed torso totally devoid of an ounce of fat. He’s letting his horse-like schlong take a piss. In the next trough is Jarrod, a good looking young man that is infatuated with Diesal’s big cock. So much so that he wanks right at the trough, which in turn gets Diesal excited too. Naturally, as these manly gay guys are in the backroom, its time for sex! Diesal gets to his knees to pleasure Jarrod’s aching cock with his mouth. Diesal is very generous and obliging in the full video, letting Jarrod cum all over his muscular god-like chest. Cumtacular!

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